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Prevent it, reduce it, detect it, remove it.

Since the beginning of July 2020, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has posted 16 food recalls due to microbial contamination as well as foreign material contamination, such as rocks, metal, wood, undeclared allergens and moulds. The objective of hygienic design in terms of contamination of any nature (in order of priority) is to PREVENT IT, REDUCE IT, DETECT IT, REMOVE IT.

PREVENT AND REDUCE IT with good preventative maintenance practices, thorough sanitation practices, proper selection of materials of construction and environment controls (temperature, humidity).

DETECT AND REMOVE IT with vision systems, x-ray machines, metal detectors, filters, screens, magnets and thermal treatments.

Malone Group has extensive expertise in process development, equipment selection and facility/utility design to assist our clients internationally to reduce the incidences of food contamination, risk to public safety and the protection of brand reputation.
For a full listing of recent recalls from the CFIA:

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