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Looking for advice on your packaging needs?

The array of packaging equipment on the market is vast and ever expanding, and selecting which technology is right for your current and future needs will impact operating costs long after installation is compete.

‘Delivering better project outcomes’ starts with understanding these needs. Our experience allows us drill down, ask the right questions to provide you the information needed to allow an informed decision to be made.

We have experience in multiple applications including:
High speed small pack, beverage and homecare lines
High speed bakery and crispbread systems
Snack food packing systems, including vibratory distribution, VFFS and HFFS

– High speed dairy trolley (TET) handling and packing equipment
– Tray sealing and packing lines for fish and meat products
– Ready meal systems including RTH and RTE
– Pack and pallet conveying systems
– Robotic and high speed palletizing systems

If you want any advice on your packaging needs contact Chris Manning MAPM MIPMA

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