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Level 1 Preliminary Technical Checklist

As manufacturers plan a return to production operations in a COVID environment, a review of current work practices will be required and possibly a need to change or modify them to reflect the new risks. If new work practices to accommodate social distancing necessitate increasing interpersonal spacing – how will production lines and processes cope with this? This pandemic has shown us how easily a virus can cripple our economy but yet our need to manufacture certain food and medicines increases during these times. How do we ensure that in future, these businesses, can continue to operate safely? As business owners how you protect your business (people, products and profits)? As employees how do ensure that your business remains operational and continues to provide an income to you and your family? A good first step is to conduct a high level risk assessment; to help we have developed a Level 1 Preliminary Technical Checklist for assessing the risk associated with your business. Click on the link to complete the assessment or contact Phil Clulow for more information.

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