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Wort Kettle Steam and Condensate

Project Overview

The primary purpose of this project was to improve the Wort kettle performance and consistency of gravity and evaporation rate.

Project Detail

From the brew house production records it was seen that the Wort Kettle evaporation rates were inconsistent affecting boil off times and brewing cycle times.
Malone Group carried out a study of the Wort kettle performance on a range of recipes. It was observed that there were inconsistencies in the initial heat up time, this was seen to be due to a condensate build up within the Wort kettle collandria also the steam flow rate was unknown.

A steam flow meter was installed to determine optimum flow rates at evaporation stages.

To eliminate the condensate build up prior to heat up a steam condensate pump was introduced to the condensate recovery system to drain the collandria after each boil off.  This drain off cycle was incorporated into the existing software control system with the use of auto pneumatic valves.

Steam flow rate selection for each brew and recipe was added to the SCADA control for Heat up, Evaporation and Boil off stages.

The Wort Kettle heat up time was reduced, performance and cycle times were consistent also steam usage was reduced.