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Safety Management in University Sector

UCD is one of Ireland’s finest universities and plays a central role in Ireland development as a dynamic and successful independent state.

  • Health and Safety Management
  • Remote Support
  • Safety Adviser
  • Safety Documentation
  • Site Auditing
  • Training
  • Workplace ergonomics

Our team of consultants have had a long and successful relationship with the UCD safety office.

The multifaceted environment of UCD offers a unique challenge to our group, whether it is carrying out Hazard audits on the University farm or developing safety management systems for Buildings Office.

We have been engaged in and we have effectively carried out a variety of interesting Health and Safety projects for the University.

As health and safety practitioners with specific experience in the educational sector, we have provided a wide variety safety services for the Safety Office.

The University is broken down into individual schools and administrative departments. As result we have worked providing support in various areas: Construction and Project Support, Catering, Library Services and we have worked all the various schools associated with UCD: from Business & Law to Engineer and from Architecture to Life Sciences.

The majority of our work is involved with the support of these different units, providing safety audits, detailed risk assessment, training and the development of safety management systems.

We also carry out campus wide project, we are currently engaged in conducting campus wide ergonomic risk assessments for all staff members and post graduates.