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Safety Management for Food Production Plant

Malone Group was retained to provide safety management services for various projects under work at the Cadbury plant in Coolock, Co. Dublin.

These included installation and replacement of emergency lighting, and work on the facility’s washroom and cooling towers.

As Safety Coordinator, our responsibilities included:
  • An investigation of the potential risks in the work to be done
  • References to standards and legislation that must be complied with
  • Frequent, regular inspections of the work site to ensure that proper safety procedures are being adhered to
  • Recommendations on dealing with the associated risks
Specific Objectives:
  • Survey potential risks associated with this project
  • Provide a report that will aid those involved with the project in ensuring the safety of themselves and of others
  • Ensure that all works are done in a way that complies with current safety standards and legislation
  • Keep up to date on adherence to safety plans and standards on site
  • Successive reports indicate real progress throughout the project in the area of employee safety, showing fewer potential hazards as time goes on
  • Solutions and recommendations were followed by the workers, creating a safer work site