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Safety Management and Guidelines for Financial Institution

The Property and Facilities department of AIB has responsibility for managing a diverse building stock.

They are engaged at all levels of maintenance, technical and construction work, ranging from minor routine servicing to large scale property development.

  • Bespoke Training
  • Remote Support
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Manual
  • Site Auditing

Malone Group’s Safety Management team was requested to implement a safety management system for the department and develop a health and safety training program.

The goal of our work with AIB was twofold; one objective was to develop its safety management system to reflect recent changes in health and safety legislation.

The other was to raise awareness and competency of staff with regards to their responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation.

Part of the program involved engaging with a variety of staff members, dividing them into groups to develop task based risk assessments for the department.

Over a series of sessions a safety manual was developed incorporating the risk assessments and general arrangements on their variety of sites for managing safety.

These included: permit to work system, induction training, emergency response, contractor management, implementation of the construction regulations, access arrangements, and working at heights requirements.