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Roof Data Sheets

Malone Group was asked by UK FMGC customer to generate a complete set of roof data sheets across a number of sites. During the survey it became clear that completing visual inspections of each roof on multiple sites was going to be time consuming and expensive. This was due to the fact that access to roofs was via fixed stair cases, CAT ladders and MEWPs resulting in a lot of time being required for setup and RAMS preparation for multiple visits to multiple sites. There were also health and Safety concern that needed to be considered.
To reduce costs and speed up the process drones were used to capture images of the roofs and complete the surveys. The result of which was hundreds of high quality photographs being produced which are now used for roof data sheets.
Malone Group offers this service to anyone who require roof data sheets or roof inspections/surveys.
This project allowed Malone Group to develop a methodology for capturing data for roof data sheets. In addition, Malone Group is able to access roofs that are inaccessible by traditional methods reducing the costs associated with traditional roof inspections.