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Review of Health and Safety Culture Across All Projects

Implementing Zero Harm policy and culture in a global nutritional products manufacturing company through Health & Safety review across all projects

Zero harm policy introduced as a KPI

A global nutritional products manufacturing company with operations in 32 countries (including 11 processing plants in Ireland), introduced a Zero Harm Policy. The company made the policy as one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). To measure the success and benchmark against the KPIs, Engineering Manager initiated a review of the Health and Safety across all projects.

Review of health and safety culture/ policy to implement zero harm policy

Malone Group was engaged to review the health and safety practices and help implement the Zero Harm approach to projects. The customer appointed us in the Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) and Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) for multiple project across various sites.

The value of being independent, having knowledge of similar projects and the detail involved in delivering them, enabled the supervisor roles to be carried out effectively. Our work was being carried out on live operational environments on complex processing plants with sophisticated control systems. This made it a challenging task, as the customer was producing nutritional and high added value products, which required special care to maintain the high quality of production while a change was being implemented towards a Zero Harm culture. Our team ensured that there was no compromise on risks, irrespective of the budget and cost.

Delivering best-in-class KPIs for Zero Harm culture

As part of the project delivery, the customer acknowledged the value we provided in terms of an overall improvement in performance in terms of project safety for contractors. We managed to achieve a fundamental cultural shift in health and safety across the site while implementing the Zero Harm culture. This is a measured KPI by the customer, and our performance was best-in-class in terms of project safety.