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Replacement of Ageing Air Handling Units (AHUS) in HVAC

Feasibility study for Pharmaceutical plant to explore the options of replacing AHUs while achieving greater energy efficiency

Air Handling Units (AHUs) reaching the end of their life

One of the fastest growing specialist pharmaceutical companies in the world commissioned a strategic review of its Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) strategy in one of its facilities based in Dublin. The building in question housed 25 Air Handling Units (AHUs) which were approaching the end of their life. The business was keen to explore what options would enable it to carry out a replacement plan yet deliver energy efficiencies as part of the process.

Feasibility study to assess the situation and identify efficient options

Malone Group was commissioned to undertake a feasibility study on the HVAC project to assess the current situation, identify options and determine the potential energy savings that could be realised.

The team conducted an analysis of the current usage in the facility and focused on addressing how to deliver the user requirements more efficiently in a production critical area.

An efficient solution with less AHUs delivering significant cost savings

The analysis resulted in a high level concept design of a system that rationalised the total number of AHUs from 25 to 13, to supply the quality of air required in the facility. Existing working patterns were used to model the potential to deliver energy savings and this established a significant energy saving of up to €300,000 per annum for the customer. This level of savings hadn’t been anticipated by the customer and combined with the concept design they had everything they needed to make a strategic decision on the capital project.