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Redundancy and Replacement of an Old Boiler System

Using an innovative 3D modelling approach to plan for the design and installation of a new two boiler system for a pharmaceutical plant

Need to replace the boiler without interrupting production

A global specialist pharmaceutical company with a manufacturing site in Dublin was producing speciality drugs and as well as active ingredients for drugs. In Dublin, the company employed around 110 people at their 4.4 hectare site. Manufacturing of active ingredients is a complex process.

The company needed to replace their current boiler system at the manufacturing site. The current system included a medium temperature water boiler and a steam boiler, with no redundancy between the two systems. The requirement was to design and install a better solution which provided redundancy. However, the constraints were that this plant room space was limited and the replacement had to be installed without interrupting or effecting a highly regulated production process.

Installation of a new boiler using an innovative 3D modelling design technique

The company engaged Malone Group to design the solution, develop the specifications for the system and create a tender pack with supporting drawings. The company planned to undertake the procurement process and project management for the installation with the appointed contractors.

The Engineering team carried out an analysis of the current boiler system in place and recommended that the best solution was to install two steam boilers with a duty standby for process steam and a heat exchanger to service the hot water needs of the plant.

Recognising the challenge for any contractor to install the new solution around the existing system, the team produced a 3D model of the boiler house. A laser system was used to survey the room and build up a precise 3D model which mapped the room, the existing equipment and all pipe runs. Using this model it was possible to plan for the installation of the new system around the current installation and ensuring a safe working environment. This was critical in saving time on-site, removing the need for repeat visits and facilitating buy-in from key stakeholders.

Reduced energy consumption and cost savings with the new boiler system

The recommended solution delivered considerable energy savings for the customer. The new steam boiler was 90% efficient and it resulted in an overall 20-25% reduction in energy consumption, thereby reducing operating costs and the plant’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, the innovative approach to mapping the systems enabled the new solution to be installed without interrupting a process critical facility.