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PSDP for Financial Institution

Malone Group was retained to assess health and safety risks in the process of upgrading a storage room into two new offices at AIB’s Drogheda branch.
Acting as PSDP, we prepared a health and safety report containing the findings of this assessment.
The report included:
  • An investigation of the potential risks associated with the works to be carried out
  • References to standards and legislation that must be complied with
  • Recommendations on dealing with the associated risks
  • Responsibilities of client, PSCS, and hired contractors
Specific Objectives:
  • Survey potential risks associated with this project
  • Provide a report that will aid those involved with the project in ensuring the safety of themselves and of others
  • Ensure that all works are carried out in a way that complies with current safety standards and legislation
  • Determine the potential risks to the people and property involved in the upgrade of the Rottapharm drainage system
  • Provide solutions and suggestions for dealing with these risks to ensure the safety of everyone involved
  • Provide relevant parties involved in the project with a preliminary health and safety plan on which to base futher saefty plans as new risks and dangers may become apparant
  • The work is completed without significant injury
  • Should an accident occur, any injured employees are properly cared for