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PSDP for Chiller Replacement

Malone Group was retained to assess health and safety risks in the process of replacing the chiller unit at AIB’s Timehouse office in Naas.

Acting as Safety Officer, we prepared a health and safety plan for the works to be completed.

The Plan included:
  • An investigation of the potential risks in the work to be done
  • References to standards and legislation that must be complied with
  • Recommendations on dealing with the associated risks
  • Responsibilities of client, PSCS, and hired contractors
Some Key Determinations:
  • The nature of removing and replacing a large, heavy chiller unit requires numerous safety considerations, including ensuring that the unit is properly secure while in transit. These risks were identified and solutions devised to help ensure the safety of the workers
  • Other potential risks included electric shock, burns, falls from height, and working in a live office environment, which calls for protections of not only the construction workers but also of bank employees
  • With each of these different potential risks, solutions to reduce both the possibility of their occurrence and the severity of their consequences were determined, such as requiring all employees to have sufficient training and to wear PPE at all times
Specific Objectives:
  • Survey potential risks associated with this project
  • Provide a report that will aid those involved with the project in ensuring the safety of themselves and of others
  • Ensure that all works are done in a way that complies with current safety standards and legislation
  • Determine potential risks to the people and property involved in the replacement of AIB’s chiller unit
  • Provide solutions and suggestions for dealing with these risks to ensure the safety of everyone involved
  • Give the people involved in the project going forward a template on which to base further safety plans as new risks and dangers become apparent
  • Any injured employees are properly cared for