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PSDP for Building Services Project

Malone Group was retained to assess the safety issues that could arise in the course of removing the HVAC system from, and updating the fire alarm and emergency lighting system of, the AIB building on Capel Street Dublin and to prepare a Preliminary Health and Safety Plan that prospective tenderers for the project could use to understand these issues and risks.
The Plan includes:
  • An investigation of the potential risks associated with the works to be carried out
  • References to standards and legislation that must be complied with
  • Recommendations on dealing with the associated risks
  • Responsibilities of the client, PSCS, and hired contractors
Some Key Determinations:
  • The works were being carried out on an operational bank building, and as such, the safety and convenience of the bank’s employees and customers had to be taken into account
  • The nature of removing and installing an entire HVAC system takes special consideration with regards to the safety of workers who must manipulate these large, very heavy objects
  • Due to the bank branch being located in a busy urban centre, provisions had to be made for deliveries, construction traffic, and the safety of the general public, especially due to the need for a large construction crane
  • Principles of prevention were laid out for those going forward with the work, in order to help them prevent accidents and risks from happening in the first place
Specific Objectives:
  • Survey potential risks associated with this project
  • Provide a report that will aid those involved with the project in ensuring the safety of themselves and of others
  • Ensure that all works are conducted in a manner that in a manner that complies with current safety standards and legislation
  • Determine potential risks to the people and property involved in the removal and replacement of the AIB branch’s HVAC system
  • Determine the safety needs of those installing the new fire detection and emergency lighting systems
  • Provide solutions and suggestions for dealing with these risks to ensure the safety of everyone involved
  • Provide relevant parties involved in the project with a preliminary health and safety plan on which to base to further safety plans as new risks and dangers may become apparent