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Preventing Accidents on the Food Manufacturing Site

Implementing a cloud based contractor management software system for a leading food manufacturing brand to streamline processes and prevent accidents on-site

A major accident on-site with multiple contractors

A leading global food manufacturing company experienced significant difficulties with their paper-based permit to work (PTW) system. The site is one of the largest food manufacturing facilities in Europe, with 2500 employees, 900 contractors, 100 contracting companies and at any given time can have 400 active Permits to Work. With such a large volume of contractors on-site, the PTW system became particularly cumbersome to manage.

Implementing change management programme after health and safety review

Malone Group was engaged to undertake a review of the PTW system and implement a new cloud based permit solution.

The existing paper-based permit system in place required every contractor to have a general permit for work. This required multiple signoffs and took 5 days to process. We identified an opportunity to streamline this process and bring efficiencies by introducing a cloud-based permit to work system . We worked with the internal teams to change processes and train key team members on how to use the new software ‘SafePermit’. Malone Group’s experience of implementing contractor management software for other similar manufacturing sites ensured a smooth transition to the new system.

Fast tracking and streamlining contractor management and permit to work

The resulting solution effectively enabled the customer to capture key contractor information, record training and risk assessments, and accelerate the approval process for issuing Permits to Work. The new solution implemented by Malone Group, allowed the customer to process contractor permits within 24 hours instead of 5 days, streamlining the process, and improving efficiency within the business.

One of the key areas of value for the customer in this project was in the mapping of the entire site on a visual display, and using the cloud based system to map the locations where contractors were working on a daily basis. It did not exist in the customer’s business before. This provided a simple method for communicating with production staff and contractors alike. The site EHS Manager commented that how they couldn’t live without this system, and the idea of going back to a cumbersome paper-based process was now inconceivable.