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Pilot Plant Chilled Water Cooling System Upgrade

Project Overview

The Diageo Pilot Brewing plant operations were experiencing major problems in achieving required product cooling with their existing chilled water system. Malone Engineering was requested to carry out a survey and report on the existing system.
The existing water cooling system used a 30% propylene glycol/water mix chilled through a water cooled twin compressor into a buffer storage tank internally divided into cold and warm sections for secondary distribution to process equipment. A full survey and equipment inspection was carried and it was found that the chiller was only running on 1 no. compressor, as the second compressor had failed due to low heat transfer in the chiller heat exchanger which caused refrigerant to enter the compressor as liquid instead of vapour. A measure of the process cooling demand showed that the cooling capacity of the compressor was markedly oversized.
Due to poor flow rates high glycol return temperatures were being recorded causing the glycol mix to become acidic.
From the survey findings Malone Engineering was awarded a Turnkey contract to upgrade the plant, to meet process design parameters and crucial KPI’s.
The project scope included selection and replacement of a new Hermetic Scroll compressor integrated into existing buffer tank, replacement and re-routing of existing distribution pipework including high level air venting, filter skids and booster pumps.
The project was carried out to stringent health and safety requirements within a very short time frame which included a complete drain down and disposal of existing glycol mix, pipe internal cleaning and flush.
This project was completed within the planned program and all KPI’s were met, in addition due to compressor selection capacity matching process load profiles production was more energy efficient and maintenance greatly reduced.