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Canning Line

Canning Line


Great Britain



A global alcoholic beverage company undertook a major investment in a brand new can line introducing a new product and can type to the customer site.

We were actively involved in the project from concept through to commissioning across several disciplines. We assisted the customer by managing a robust and structured tender process including detailed appraisal procedures to facilitate the selection of the correct technical and commercial solution for the project’s vision.

By expediting the project, utilising base model project management techniques, we were able to assist with the component and supply chain issues, being widely experienced across the globe to ensure equipment vendors were held accountable for the project timelines. We maintained detailed project plans, updated on a regular basis, based on known delay issues from both equipment and materials suppliers.

During the commissioning of the line, we managed a coordinated approach across process, EC&I and packaging to maintain what was a tight and challenging commissioning plan.

The commissioning of the new line went smoothly with the line hitting in excess of 80% line efficiencies from day one, far out performing past line start-ups.