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Medical Washroom Facility

Malone Group was retained to construct a washroom facility for the cleaning of medical equipment in the Healthcare 21 facility in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, comprising of a of a Decontamination clean room (clean Zone), areas pre-cleaning (Dirty Zone) and post-cleaning area (Racking Zone), and a staging area where the equipment will be unloaded when delivered.

Mechanical Works:

There were extensive mechanical works required to install the new washroom. These included the installation of a new 40 mm gas main, which was needed to serve the new dryer.

A new 11kW compressor system was also put into place to serve the same dryer as well as a new washer.

The installation of a new 4000lt break tank was also required, and this was connected to the site’s existing water main.

Upgrades to the drain system and to the ring main were also required in order to get the room up and running properly.

Electrical Works:

The current maximum import capacity (MIC) to the site is 40kVA, as this is not capable of running the proposed plant it was required to upgrade the metering to a CT metering with an increase of MIC by 170kVA to the site.

This required a new 4 x 120 sq mains cable from the existing switchroom to a new mainboard located beside the existing board.

There were also other miscellaneous work that needed done, including the installation of new electrical sockets, wiring, and lighting fixtures.