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Management in Agricultural Sector

Lyons estate is a large 500 Acre farm located on the outskirts of Newcastle Co. Dublin.

It is a mixed use working farm that facilitates agricultural research.

  • Risk Assessment & Safety Statement
  • Site Auditing
  • Training

Activities on the farm include:

  • Tillage
  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Stables

Malone Group was engaged by the farm management team to ensure they were in full compliance with the ‘Code of Practise for Preventing Injury and ill Health in Agriculture’.

As part of the process we carried out site visit, identifying and assessing all hazards on site. We worked closely with the management team to develop a user friendly safety statement that covered the huge variety of tasks being carried out in the farm.

Also included in our compliance service were follow up meetings with staff, the development of standard operating procedure (SOPS) and action plans. We also provide a ongoing support services for the management team to discharge their health and safety duties.