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Increase the Capacity of Ireland's Franciscan Well

Turnkey project to establish a higher capacity brewery plant to meet the demand while reducing manual handling with automated keg handling

Plans to convert a former warehouse into a modern craft brewery

One of the world’s leading brewing firms Headquartered in North America had acquired an award-winning microbrewery firm producing craft beers in Ireland. The demand for the Irish craft beer had been growing considerably in the last few years, while the brewery was operating at its full capacity. The company had to increase production to meet the increase in demand, which meant finding a new suitable location for the brewing of its iconic beers.

The company planned a £2 million investment into the development of a new brewing plant. The selected new facility was a former warehouse that needed to be converted into a state-of-the-art craft brewery to produce lagers, ales, stouts and wheat beer. The company was seeking a partner to deliver the turnkey project. It would increase the production from 7HL daily to 50HL brews – at up to 6 brews per day – six days per week.

Project delivered using 3D modelling to plan for plant installation

Malone Group was engaged to deliver the turnkey project, based on our expertise and experience in the brewery industry. The scope of work included the detailed design and installation of all mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation aspects of the new microbrewery; the sourcing, delivery and installation of all process equipment; start-up, commissioning and staff training. The design was centred upon a three-vessel brewhouse system, a beer cellar with 10-off, 100HL unitanks and an automated keg washer/ filler plant for the filling of circa 90 30-litre kegs per hour.

During the planning stage, we used an innovative approach to devise a solution that would make the best use of the warehouse’s existing footprint. 3-D modelling technique was used extensively to provide the clearest possible indication of the planned location of key pieces of the brewery plant and how manual handling would be reduced to an absolute minimum, delivering greater efficiencies.

Malone Group was responsible for the installation and commissioning of the new facility and the brewing plant. The plant included a whirlpool and wort-cooling system, mobile yeast handling system, sterile filtration system, automated keg plant, water treatment system, steam boiler system and an effluent treatment system.

Delivering a modern new plant that increased the capacity by seven-fold

The new installation resulted in an increase of the brew length from 7HL to 50HL with automated keg plant that reduced manual handling system and introduced massive efficiencies for the customer.