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Handling of Hazardous and Potentially Explosive Materials

Process room upgrade to an ATEX compliant clean room facility to maintain a safe working environment in a pharmaceutical plant

Handling of hazardous material in process room required to meet compliance

The customer, subsidiary of a Dublin based pharmaceutical firm employing around 300 staff at their Dublin facility, produced some high-profile tablets that are supplied to the global markets. The customer wanted to upgrade its process room to an ATEX rated clean room facility. This was to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements in an environment that involved hazardous/potentially explosive materials like solvents, ethanol, IPA, acetone, etc. The handling and storing of these hazardous chemicals required special precautions to be taken as a result of the EU ATEX directive. As a result the customer was keen to upgrade their facility and equipment to meet the ATEX standards.

Upgrading process room to ATEX standards

Malone Group was commissioned to manage this crucial process room upgrade project. This involved creating an intrinsically safe environment without any sources of ignition.

The Malone Group team evaluated the most suitable location for this facility and selected an area towards the rear of the building which logistically managed risk better for the storage, handling and distribution of the hazardous chemicals. The design of the room included a double bay with an intermediate chamber. Everything from the conductive flooring materials to the lighting, electrical sockets and HVAC were designed to meet the ATEX standards to maintain a safe environment and prevent any ignition/ explosion.

ATEX compliant clean room delivered on time and within budget

This project was managed and delivered on time and within the budget of €135,000. The ATEX compliant room was delivered using the customers preferred suppliers in a three month construction process.