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FRONT END DESIGN (FED) Study of a Contained Drain System

Malone Group have recently completed a Front End Design (FED) study of a contained drain system for a pharmaceutical customer.

The overall project is being developed to provide a GMP facility for a new fluid bed processor and existing packaging lines inclusive of primary and secondary packaging. A new Clinical Commercial Suite (CCS) is also being constructed within the project to manufacture high containment products.

The system is required to handle aqueous material with a category 3b toxicity, i.e. Occupational Exposure Band 3B; Target Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) range of between 10 and 1 /m3. The level is measured based on the airborne concentration of the material that will not affect workers over an 8 hour day / 40 hour week

The FED study considered operational, maintenance and construction activities during the review.

Another key deliverable within the FED was a detailed project costing (±20%) which the customer used for their internal request for capital.

The customer has now retained us to complete the detailed design phase of the project which is currently ongoing.