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Filling Hall CO2 Extraction

The Coca-Cola canning facility at Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom was experiencing pockets of excess CO2 near its canning lines.

Malone Group was tasked with discovering the exact source of the problem as well as suggesting solutions for reducing the CO2 levels and making the plant an overall healthier place to work.

It was determined that the main issue stemmed from the seamer, which used CO2 to seam the cans shut. As such, a new system of ventilation ducts were proposed to remove the excess CO2 from the vicinity of the canning lines.

This system would be composed of stainless steel ducting targeting the areas of high CO2 concentration.

At the Seamer, two 1,200 mm ducts were installed equipped with six 20mm x 100mm vents to extract the CO2 overspill with a design extract rate of 1,440 m­3.

External vents were designed to propel the gas overspill with sufficient speed as to ensure dispersion into the atmosphere.

Malone Group also provided Safety Supervision for the project.