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Designing M+E For Leed Standard Office Buildings

M&E design support achieve LEED Gold standard while also enabling segmented billing for a multi-tenanted office building

Corporations are now more attracted to LEED certified office buildings

One of Ireland’s major property development company with multiple office spaces was seeking to upgrade one of their office buildings to a LEED standard building. LEED or ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’, is the most widely used green building certification system worldwide. The standard was developed in the USA and includes a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings to help building owners and operators be more environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently. The LEED standards rating levels include; Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Increasingly, some of the larger corporations are more attracted to premises that are LEED certified. As a result, commercial property developers are turning their attention to building more LEED certified buildings.

Designing M&E requirements for multi-story buildings to LEED standards

The customer, a property developer of the two six-story buildings in North Dublin engaged Malone Group to specify the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) requirements and ensure that the specification would meet the LEED certification Gold standard. One aspect of this particular project was that the developer was keen to retain some flexibility in terms of building occupancy. It was particularly important that this was considered from an M&E design perspective as buildings of this type typically have a single plant room providing centralised systems for electricity and air/heating distribution and monitoring throughout the building. Knowing that the occupancy of the building could be multi-tenanted meant the design had to include plant rooms on each floor supporting decentralised systems and sophisticated data capture to provide real-time energy monitoring and a personalised service to the tenants.

LEED Gold certified buildings with segmented energy management

The LEED certification requirement imposed increased demands on the number of sensors, controls and intelligent meters facilitating automated control to reduce energy consumption in the building and to enable segmented billing of energy usage.

The project was successfully delivered to meet the specific energy management requirements of the property developer and achieving LEED Gold standard certification for a more sustainable environment and energy efficient building.