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Delivering Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Targets

Feasibility study and detailed design to delivery energy saving targets in the pharmaceutical sector.

A plan to deliver energy savings

A large pharmaceutical company with operations in Europe, the Middle East, Americas, Asia and Africa had embarked on a project to achieve energy savings and carbon emission reductions. A number of concept designs for key projects had been identified and the business commissioned a critique of this study to assess these projects.

Feasibility assessment of concept designs on key projects

Malone Group conducted a strategic review and feasibility study of the energy saving projects. We identified alternative options for consideration that were more feasible and could deliver the required energy savings. The projects were costed to provide an indication of the capital expenditures involved to realise the savings and associated carbon reduction.

Revised focus on HVAC upgrade to achieve new targets

As a result of the level of capital expenditure highlighted by Malone Group as part of the feasibility studies, the business opted to revise its targets for energy saving and carbon reduction. Instead of the original range of projects identified, the business opted to focus on one specific project around the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The high level concept design of this system had been modelled to reduce the number of Air Handling Units (AHUs) which would help the company achieve their revised energy saving targets while managing their capex spend.