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Can Filler CO2 Extraction System

Malone Group was retained to design and install a system to remove excess CO2 around a can filler in Diageo’s Belfast plant.

• Commissioning and Validation Management
• Construction Management
• Detailed engineering design
• Safety Management
• Site Specific Safety Statement
• Site supervision
• Turnkey Installation

During production, Diageo Belfast packaging facility experienced, in pockets, high concentrations of CO2 together with low oxygen levels, which centered around the Krones can filler and Ferrum seamer.

Malone Group was requested to investigate the source and recommend solutions to provide a healthy working environment without affecting machine performance or beer quality.

Initially, a number of CO2 and oxygen monitors were installed at specific locations around the filler/seamer and readings were taken during production runs on various beer products to map CO2 emissions and migration in conjunction with machine operation and beer type in production.

From the results of this mapping exercise, a targeted low level hygienic duct extraction system to atmosphere was designed to remove CO2 pockets without affecting the internal machine environment and air flow balance which was crucial to beer quality and performance.

The extraction system was linked by a PLC programme to CO2 and oxygen sensors to activate and control the level of extraction required to maintain a healthy environment and minimise energy consumption, while not impacting machine performance.