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Brewing Kettle Steam Meter and Control

Malone Group’s project team was invited by Diageo Waterford Brewery to investigate the inconsistency they were experiencing in their brewing cycle of GFE, especially during boil off in the Wort Kettle, and make recommendations to achieve consistent product.

• Client Project Management
• Commissioning and Validation Management
• Construction Management
• Detailed engineering design
• Development of concept idea
• Health and Safety Management
• Turnkey Installation

The heat source for boil off was steam through a heat exchanger within the Kettle, the steam supply being controlled through a modulating valve via a SCADA system.

By monitoring of the boil cycle and analysing historic brewing production records, it was found that steam flow rates, pressures and condensate removal was erratic, leading to inconsistent temperature curves within the Kettle heat up and boil stages.

Mechanical damage was also evident due to water hammer resulting from entrapped condensate within the Kettle and steam mains.

The solutions proposed and subsequently carried out as a Turnkey project by our engineering team included the installation of a volumetric steam flow meter, software linked through the SCADA system to a modulating valve to give accurate control of the heat source during the boil cycle.

In addition, a steam pump was incorporated into the condensate recovery system to remove entrained condensate within the Kettle heat exchanger which, together with pipe routing modifications to both steam supply and condensate removal and recovery mains, greatly improved steam quality and heat exchange.

The success of these additions and modifications was measured in the subsequent consistency of boil off and cycle times resulting in achieving the required high quality control in brewing production of Guinness Flavoured Extract.