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Belfast Caustic and Acid Unloading Station

Project Overview
The primary purpose of this project was to install a new external IBC unloading station at the Diageo Belfast Brewery for the unloading of caustic, acid, and lubricant materials.

Project Detail
The existing bulk caustic/acid/lubricant storage tanks were located internally and filled manually from drums by use of a pneumatic pump and hoses.

This practice posed health and safety risks and was replaced with an automatic unloading station externally located in a bunded area.

The new unloading system required IBC’s to be connected to fixed dedicated pneumatic pump which were hard piped to their respective bulk tank.

The transfer was controlled from an operator interface panel which was interlinked with level sensors on the bulk tanks to control the fill and emergency overfill protection.

The system control was linked by modem to the chemical supplier who monitored bulk storage levels and regulated deliveries.