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A Number of Safety Risks Identified on the Brewing Plant

Implementing a number of projects including turnkey projects to deliver a safer working environment and receiving CE marketing for the entire keg line

Safety risk assessment identified areas needing attention for compliance

A large global alcoholics drinks manufacturing brand with a major brewing facility in Ireland was focused on improving safety in their plant. Following a risk assessment, a number of safety compliance projects were identified as a high priority.

A series of safety projects identified to eliminate risk, achieve compliance and get verified CE marking on the keg line

Malone Group were engaged to carry out a series of safety projects around the production process to improve overall site safety and mitigate the risks of incidents or accidents. These safety projects included technical process safety and machinery safety processes.

In one area, the process of empty kegs that are returned for wash and refill was reviewed and opportunities to improve safety for operators identified. This involved a detailed review of work equipment and practices, ergonomics, earthing/bonding and safety. Protective guardrails, safety cut-outs and new handling processes were introduced to manage key safety risks effectively. The entire keg handling process was CE marked and verified.

As part of a full turnkey safety project, Malone Group led the engineering design and implementation of protective guarding and interlocking systems around the process plant to improve safety for maintenance personnel. This included fail-safe mechanical interlocks that prevented systems from running when maintenance staff were working on key areas of the plant. One example of this included the milling machines, which when shutdown the rollers had continued momentum and posed a risk for any personnel changing the belts or working on the system. Designing a system to identify movement and interlocking to the access systems prevented personnel from being exposed to this risk.

Delivering a safer working environment for the operators, leading to the company setting up KPIs around it

The customer was assured through the validation process that the risk had be addressed and engineered out. The use of technology and equipment to provide safer working environments removes the scope for ‘operator error’ and is a contributing factor to the company delivering safety compliance onsite.