Business Case Development

Evaluating the benefit, cost and risk of alternative options and providing a rationale for the preferred solution. APM body of knowledge

A business case is an important project document to prove to your manager, board or stakeholder that the project you’re pitching is a good investment.  It explains how the benefits of a project outweigh its costs and why it should be executed.

Projects fail without having a solid business case to rest on.  If a project business case is not anchored to reality, and doesn’t address a need that aligns with the larger business objectives of the organisation then it is irrelevant.

We have been involved in the preparation of hundreds of business cases.  Each organisation has their own priorities, needs and methods but the fundamentals of the business case are the same.  Our engineers and safety professionals are familiar with operational environments and competing forces of operations, compliance, maintenance and investment and  can help you develop a business case that works for you and your organisation.

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