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Businesses are very good at a number of core activities that directly relate to their revenue. However, when they have a need to undertake a project they often struggle resulting in poor quality, cost over runs time over runs or projects that never fulfil their intended outcome. Many business just have (and in many cases they do not need) the skills to success complete projects on their in house teams. This is where the Owners Engineer role can help.

The Owners Engineer is a person (or more likely a team of people) that serves as an independent advocate for the business/ owner.

The owners Engineer provides provides experience engineering, project management and safety personnel to supplement the Owners inhouse resources and supports the project from inception to handover and beyond. The Owners Engineer can simultaneously enhance opportunities, reduce overall risk and ensure a deliverable that is closer to the Owners expectation.

Malone Group undertakes this role in many different jurisdictions and across multiple sectors and project types. We understand projects and how they need to fit in around the existing operation constraints and thus are in a great position to represent the business/ owner.

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