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We bring our extensive experience of working on similar capital projects in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, utilities and commercial sectors to provide in-depth analysis of the options and implications for your potential project. Before embarking on any major engineering project, the most important part of the process is a feasibility study. We can provide you with the confidence and reassurance that your capital investment will deliver the required outcome. Our innovative thinking and ability to look at the bigger picture, frequently identifies solutions which were not considered originally, yet bring substantial capital savings and introduce valuable energy efficiencies.

We collaboratively work with your team to produce a feasibility study to manage the risks involved and avoid unnecessary costs. Using best-in-class processes and methodologies we develop a detailed feasibility study to enable you to make decisions early in key project phases. In our project feasibility study, we consider all technical and financial aspects of an engineering capital project such as:

  • Different design options and technical limitations
  • Investment cost and operating cost estimates
  • Strategic choice of facility/ plant location
  • Production schedule and estimated realistic timeline/shutdown
  • Return in Investment
  • Consideration of environmental issues and compliance requirements
  • Risk assessment and profiling

As an end-to-end engineering company, we can also produce the initial Front End Engineering Design (FEED). This is a valuable service that enables you to define your detailed project requirements before initiating a capital investment.

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