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System Integration Design

Malone Group provides full project lifecycle services for information systems integration that seamlessly connects disparate systems enabling your business to gather actionable intelligence to make informed decisions and improve operations. Our experienced engineering teams help your team in new system installations and retrofits to existing systems. We have worked with complex automation controls and successfully integrated information systems (incl. ERP integration) seamlessly.

Starting with a User Requirement Specification (URS) leading into a Functional Design Specification (FDS) and I/O lists, we can manage the complete process for you. We develop the code in accordance with the software design specification (SDS) using trusted code libraries and standards and to S88 when required.

Prior to the installation and commissioning of system integration, we provide offline simulation. This helps in reducing installation time and cost, and ensures minimising real-time issues with a detailed simulation model.  We also provide office-based training using simulation facilities.

Reverse Engineering

Malone Group provides reverse engineering services to reverse engineer the original installation and to redesign and write new code that enables integration. This typically occurs where the original software or designs are unavailable. Redesigning also enables your business to improve reliability and improve performance. Our team’s vast experience and knowledge of bespoke equipment and systems enables us to provide you with a viable and future-proofed solution.

Change Management and Control

Malone Group provides change management and control services by introducing change control procedures to track modifications of codes and ensure they are appropriate and comply with the relevant standards. This change management and control is essential in ensuring proper code management. It helps your business to develop a consistent and systematic way to manage, control and track the code change requests.

Visualisation Development of HMI, SCADA and Bespoke Systems

Malone Group provides visualisation development of HMI, SCADA and bespoke systems to meet your specific needs. Visualisation provides faster, intelligent information for you to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency. Our teams are familiar with a wide range of the most popular visualisation packages including Ignition, IFIX, Wonderware, WinCC, Factorytalk as well as all Rockwell and Siemens HMI displays.

Data Collection and Management

Malone Group provides your business with data collection and management capabilities with real-time data analytics of any piece of equipment or plant for use with SCADA front-ends. Our teams use the latest SQL server technology and OEM development packages. This can include factory data such as costs, efficiencies or equipment performance that highlights areas that need attention. This empowers your business to make timely and informed plant/ equipment investment decisions.

Our automation and control specialists work in conjunction with our process engineering team we keep up to date with new technologies to enable us to develop and deliver the best information systems integration solutions for your business.

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