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Malone Group provides legacy systems modernisation and obsolescence management services to ensure your mission-critical production processes remain fully operational with minimum downtime. This is one of the greatest challenges and concerns in manufacturing and process industries. We work collaboratively with your team to address the obsolescence management challenge in a way that delivers a smooth transition, modernises the production/ operating systems offering greater efficiency and data insights while solving some of the challenges of the past.

Obsolescence in legacy systems typically relates to PLC hardware, SCADA and HMI equipment, to control panel equipment, cabling and instrumentation and control devices. Obsolescence problems generally lead to excessive downtime, as parts are become unavailable. This can really impact the productivity, efficiency and lead times for your business. Malone Group manages this whole process for you to manage these risks by identifying potential issues, planning replacements and implementing changes.

Our focus is not on upgrading/migrating the legacy equipment and systems with new technology but to use this opportunity to look at the bigger picture and resolve the nagging unaddressed issues of the past and transform the overall operations. Our services begin with site wide control systems survey to document the installed base with obsolescence risk assessments supported by migration plans for key equipment.

This involves the replacement of legacy systems with detailed installation, migration and commissioning plans to minimise disruption. Our structured approach ensures that the critical equipment is identified and areas of greater risk are prioritised, and a plan is in place to mitigate that. This avoids downtime and manages legacy systems modernisation and obsolescence to deliver more efficient production operations.

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