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With the accelerating global challenges of exploding populations, migration to cities at unprecedented levels, climate change causing freak weather conditions and untold damage – not to gloss over the global pandemic of Covid 19, the global food production industry is facing some of its toughest challenges to date.

The industry finds itself at an intersection – where traditional methods of production are often cumbersome, dangerous and expensive.  With retailers and consumers continually demanding more for less, squeezing already small margins, aging factories being pushed to breaking point and a heavy reliance on a diminishing pool of low cost, unskilled workers – the need to move to Smart Factories utilizing industry 4.0 technologies is paramount.

But where to start?

According to PWC manufacturing report, 92% of manufacturers believe that smart factory technologies will enable them to increase productivity to headcount and 89% believe it will enable staff to work smarter – so then why are so many projects leaving businesses with increased costs, demands for more workforce and workplace accidents and virus breakouts more frequent?

Common barriers including perceived high initial investment costs, dependence on existing human intervention to analyse processes requiring improvement, company culture issues and just not knowing where to start all presents an “elephant sandwich” – of a meal that must be consumed for the organization to remain sustainable – it’s imperative they need to reach destination Smart Factory, and yet are faced with the daily pressures of capacity.

Discovery 4.0 is here to provide both a bridge for organizations to embark on the journey from legacy to Smart Factory, and as a safety net to keep organizations from falling off the path.  Working with the Leadership Team to understand the corporate objectives of the business, the Discovery team will undertake a “map making” study to translate the corporate strategy into a digital transformation action plan.

This will be different in every organization – the destination will be the same – that of the Smart Factory but in every case the terrains that are navigated and the physical destinations will be different.

The team will map and validate the existing processes and then align them with the desired outputs and recommend the best route of travel – including validated estimates of the new application performance.

From this ROI can be calculated including elements such as payback time, output, floor space requirements and so on.

In addition, working with the leadership team and usually the HR team, a smart organization readiness exercise will be undertaken to establish what people work needs to be undertaken before, during and after the journey.

Discovery 4.0 tangible output is the map to the Smart Factory for the individual organisation – and can be used both to navigate the journey and also to gather resources – including application for funding.

Discovery 4.0 – your guide on the Smart Factory journey.

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